Wednesday, 13th May

All our meat is organically produced on the farm, taken to a local abbatoir, and then packed and frozen for your convenience. We have meat in stock seasonally, so please call or contact us to check availability.


Available from the freezer: joints, Mince, Steaks, Casserole meat.

  • Joints £10.00/kg
  • Rump Steaks £12.00/kg
  • Mince £7.00/kg
  • Casserole Meat £7.00/kg


  • 1/2 Lamb £7.50/kg
  • Shoulder £7.00/kg
  • Leg £10.00/kg
  • Chops £12.00/kg
  • Breast £5.00/kg

Smaller packs are available upon request.

We can also provide meat for special events. Call us on 01202 484628 to chat to Chris or Carolyn about your requirements.