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Friday, 24th May

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Sunday, 18th October

An easy way to cook Sweetcorn. A little late in posting...

Hello All,
The easy way to cook sweetcorn, some kind person gave me this tip and I find it amazing.
Take your cob leaves included,Place on a microwave plate,Cook on full power for 4 minutes,Take out...

Vegetable Boxes

Sunday, 18th October


Hello All,
This is just a quick posting to say we have lamb ready this week. This time of year represents a sad time as our lambs have been with us for 6 months but such is the way...

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avonorganics On 23 November Avon Organics posted:
Photos from Avon Organics's post

New food magazine in all the boxes this week. Look for the lovely selection in our £25 box, chard from Burley is yummy.

Photos from Avon Organics's post
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avonorganics On 17 November Avon Organics posted:
Status update

Off to Verwood Market, just cut Kale and parsley, watch out its a beautiful frosty morning.

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avonorganics On 16 November Avon Organics posted:
Photo update

Lots of boxes this week, full of great vegetables... Sprout tops,with little sprouts attached too, leeks and purple shouting broccoli. Enjoy.

Avon Organics
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